Pc Review: Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition Desktop Computer

       The whole thing anyone presumes from an XPS desktop. Currently, more powerful anyone ever thinks off. Dell XPS 8900 special edition provides the horsepower required for an immersive experience of virtual reality on select patterns.

Fast, Seamless Performance:

It has the fastest XPS mini tower ever along with 6th Gen Intel Core processors and up to i7 quad core.  Anyone can fire through intensive system apps like HD video playback, extreme gaming, serious multitasking and video editing.

Generous Memory Options:

Watch the photo and video developments go from fast to tremendous when you pick the extreme memory of up to 32GB DDR4 2133MHz. Certainly not it will get slowed down by memory demanding applications, with 1.3x higher bandwidth.

Even better Gaming and Video Editing:

Dell has improved to the powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card for the vital gaming experience. To offer with the virtual reality experience can be upgraded to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. Movies, gaming and other images jump off the screen. For the ones who are looking for a system that can lever the high-performance video, this will be the best option for them.

Smart Design:

It is smartly build to make life easier. The XPS products are developed with easily reachable connectors and ports and even planned to be quieter as compared to other desktops.

Easy Access:

Easy to get to USB ports on the top and front side offer suitable access to plug in handy devices. No more searching to get the USB phone connector in.

Easy Media Transfer:

If you don’t have the cable, then there is no need to be worried about that as transferring the photos and videos from the digital camera or camcorder is quick and as easy as a slot in the media card into the incorporated 19 in 1 reader.



Abundant Storage and Expandability:

  • Expand the Potential: This desktop is ready for all that jazz anyone will throw at it. Make it your particular desktop and advance it over time with hard drives and graphics cards.
  • Easy Expandability:
    With 3 hard drive inlets and a storage of up to 2TB no one will never be short on space and the choice to add more in future. The upgrades are at ease with the power cord, and the hard drive is included for every With up to 4 DIMM slots, there is sufficiently enhance perspective for more memory as well.
  • Turbo Charged Graphics:
    Trick out the desktop with the newest graphics. The XPS 8900 has a power supply of 460W that maintains visual improvements of up to 225W.
  • Offer the Productivity a Boost:
    As there are 10 USB ports so, there is enough room to plug in all the devices at a time. It deals with the added flexibility with ports positioned on the front, back and tops for quick and easy cable management.

Verdict on Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition:

It is the best choice for a gaming PC as it can handle VR.  The Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition has a pretty small and smooth design and delivers a good 1080p gaming performance without breaching the bank.